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Chelsea’s Achievements as a board member

  • Proponent of bringing a Career and Technical Education High School Program to the district.

  • Advocate for Girls Athletics in WLWV school district.

  • Listened to advocacy from parents, then served as Board liaison to the Student and School Safety Advisory Committee, a Board appointed group of parents, students and teachers, charged with providing input to the Board about perceived strengths and weaknesses in our schools. Outcomes from that advisory committee informed changes and improvements in processes, as well as investments for a future Bond.

  • Redesigned the superintendent evaluation process to occur quarterly rather than annually, providing ongoing qualitative and quantitative feedback, and further aligning evaluation of the superintendent with the process that our teachers and students undergo.

  • Led the efforts for the Board to conduct a self-evaluation, with the outcome of Board goals, a first for the WLWV school board. This aligns the top of the organization, the Board, with the rest of the school system.

  • Listened to advocacy from community members and advocated for policy changes to increase equity.

chelsea’s Achievements outside the board room

  • Successfully owns and operates a small business, focused on organizational development and leadership coaching.

  • Awarded Local Leader of the Year by Oregon PTA.

  • Coach middle school girls volleyball and basketball teams.

  • Proposed a charter to the district, resulting in the district reinstatement of the dual language program.

  • First PTA president at Lowrie Primary School.

  • Alumnae of Emerge Oregon Class of 2015.